How to Improve Customer Service in Healthcare

So you have a digital presence for your healthcare organization, fantastic!  But how strong of a presence do you really have? Winning online is not only about building your brand and being effective in your digital marketing strategy and online marketing, but also using that online footprint to enhance your customer service levels and translate that into business growth. Read more ›

The Top 3 Healthcare Marketing Trends that are Shaping the Industry

Are you marketing to the new empowered healthcare consumer? Today, more than ever, your customers are using the internet to look online for health information, find reviews on doctors or other health professionals or search for information about hospitals and other medical facilities. How are you capturing the attention of this savvy group of consumers? Read more ›

Digital Marketing is NOT a Sprint

Like everything else around, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing and shifting. It can be overwhelming even for seasoned professionals to keep up with the new developments and advancements. New tools, changing algorithms, competing technologies and the list goes on…Don’t feel bad if you feel frustrated, confused and uncertain. Read more ›

How to Use Full Service Digital Marketing for Sales Growth

If you are in the health care field, you don’t need digital marketing, right? WRONG! Every single health related business can benefit from digital marketing – dentists, chiropractors, holistic practitioners, home healthcare companies, and healthcare equipment distributors – every single one should be using digital and internet marketing. Read more ›